Services, Riskomanagement, ISO 27001, ISO 27005, IT-Due Diligence, 2019

Digital Autonomy and Souvereignty.

Important aspects

✓ Informationsecurity for artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud-computing and internet of things
✓ Informationsecurity-Managementsysteme according to ISO 27001
✓ Risk-Assessments according to ISO 27005
✓ Security against Phishing and other forms of "Social Engineering"
✓ Organizational and communication-based anchoring of security through "Usable Security Communication"


◉ Riskassessment according to ISO 27005 (PECB certified Riskmananager ISO 27005)
◉ Internal Audits according to ISO 27001 (PECB certified Auditor ISO 27001)
◉ Focused Audits for certain areas, services or products
◉ Development of IT- and Informationsecurity strategies and internal policies
◉ Organizational security awareness through corporate communication programs

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