Data Privacy

Data Protection, Cookie-Consent, Website-Compliance, GDPR, Swiss DSG, 2019

Agile Compliance for focused Data Privacy.

Important Aspects

✓ Conformity to Swiss Datenschutzgesetz (DSG) resp.
✓ Conformity to European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
✓ GDPR for companies located in Switzerland
✓ GDPR-Compliance for Internet Service Provider (ISPs)
✓ Focused Audits for specific application areas or products / Agile Compliance


◉ Corporation wide Dataprivacy- and GDPR-audits
◉ Dataprivacy-Audits for emergent Technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, Internet of Things)
◉ Product-, Service- and Website-Audits (Website & Cookie-Compliance)
◉ Accompanying Documentation and Communication (Dataprocessing Registers, Data Processing Agreements, Information Processes)
◉ Elaboration of Technical & Organizational Measures
◉ External Data Protection Officer

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