Digital Autonomy

We live in challenging times. Shape your future ambidextric with coherent teams and sustainable digitalization.

Truth is, what works.
— William James


Reliable and sustainable information security management.
Effective and understandable documents and corporate communication.
Ambidextric ability to act: Stable core business & innovation – get both!
Resilient and intentional teamwork.
A sustainable and practised organizational culture.


Data Privacy According to the Swiss Dataprotection law and the GDPR.
Information Security Effective Cybersecurity Management Systems according to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27005.
Organizational Design Powerful autonomous organizations by applying state-of-the-art concepts like the Viable System Model (VSM), the Logical Thinking Process (LTP), Instructional Design (ID) and Nonviolent Agile Communication (NVC).