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Data Privacy Empowerment and other insights.
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This is my personal website arranged around analogue and digital affairs and including musings about data privacy, information security, software architectures as well as systemic sparks about non-violent communication, focusing, awareness and intention as well as spiritual intelligence.

You will find here shortly also:

  • a curated professional project portfolio
  • my curriculum vitae
  • my actual endeavours and projects
Privacy No personal data is processed here.


Data Protection and Information Security

Data Protection, Data Privacy, Information Security, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, Software Architecture.

All these terms are well known and established and everyone know how to utilize them. Hm, are they?

When it comes to the development of a new software product, they will often all be thrown together. Miscommunication in this area, however, might in the worst case even spoil your market launch and product success.