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Digital Affairs – Résumé

Peter Ebenhoch

Peter Ebenhoch

Dr Peter Ebenhoch holds a doctorate in legal studies with a dissertation in legal informatics on regulated self-regulation. He is a specialist in data protection and information security in the context of emerging technologies in regulated contexts and corresponding compliant software and product development.

Vocational Experience #

2022-08-01 – Present #

Bluespace Ventures

Bluespace Ventures

Data Privacy Officer Bluespace Ventures AG

Abstract Data Protection for the Compassana Healthcare APP and Ecosystem at Bluespace Ventures.
  • Corporate and Product related Data Privacy and Data Protection to serve the company and it’s partner network
  • Establish and provide Information Security Management, including PEN-testing and Risk Assessments
  • Supporting the agile international product development team to utilize digital privacy and information security concepts first
  • Preparing and solving legal aspects inhouse including contracts and policies

Zurich area, Switzerland

2021-10-01 – 2023-02-28 #

Trifork AG

Trifork Group

Chief Operating Officer Trifork Operations AG

Abstract Setting up Swiss operation activities for the Danish originated software company, which is «big in a small way».
  • Establishing business relationships and customer contacts in the area of virtual hosting and cloud operations for mission-critical applications with a focus on the healthcare sector.
  • Development of the value proposition and the corporate concept.
  • Development of projects and coordination of resources within the Trifork Group.
  • Design and implementation of the corporate website and visibility in networks.

Zurich area, Switzerland

2020-10-01 – 2021-10-01 #


Research Industrial Software Engineering

Principal Consultant RISE – Research Industrial Software Engineering

Abstract Deep immersion in the German healthcare telematics culture: first-class project execution and fully contributing my competences in data protection and information security.
  • Set-up and management of projects in the healthcare sector, in particular digital patient records apps for leading German insurance companies.
  • Introduction of information and data protection management systems, certification according to ISO/IEC 27001 as a prerequisite for the launch of the German identity provider eRecipy.
  • Leading project teams to add KIM-messaging capability as extension to legacy ordination software in the German Telematik context.
  • Acting as Data Protection Officer to safeguard healthcare solutions.

Bern area, Switzerland Flag of Germany image/svg+xml

2015-10-01 – 2020-10-01 #


effectas ICT Consulting

Senior Consultant

Abstract Exciting years developing innovative with FTTH and IoT solutions for the Swiss energy and smart city sector, working closely with IBM Research Rüschlikon and building the first LoRa WAN networks for St. Gallen and Zug.
  • Scouting and exploring LoRa-WAN capabilities and conducting pilot projects
  • Supporting IBM South Africa to run a rhino conservation program based on LoRa-WAN networkswild animal protection
  • Preparing and running IoT-pilots with the Swiss Post and world leading Swiss metering manufacturers
  • Preparing and running IoT-pilots with Swiss cities including St. Gallen, Zug and Zurich
  • Leading digital and transformation strategy development for a Swiss utility

Zurich area, Switzerland

2010-10-01 – 2015-10-01 #

Schmeling & Consultants

Schmeling & Consultants

Managing Director [Schmeling & Consultants](

Abstract Technical Information Consulting, serving companies like Witron, Audi and Schindler Management (CH).

Heidelberg – Frankfurt Area, Germany Flag of Germany

2005-01-01 – 2010-01-01 #

Tanner – Technical Consulting


Solution Architect [Tanner – Technical Consulting](

Abstract Analysing and developing technical solutions and information concepts for companies like KSB, Auma as well as Siemens, EnBW.

Lindau a. B – Munich Area, Germany Flag of Germany

2000-03-01 – 2005-01-01 #

WEKA Publishers


Technical Concepts [Weka Publishing House](

Abstract Analysing and developing technical solutions and information concepts for digital product development and distribution.

Vienna, Austria image/svg+xml

1999-01-01 – 2000-03-01 #

Manz Publishers

Manz Publishers

Technical Concepts Manz Legal Publishers

Abstract Developing information concepts to digitalize and publish legal information products.

Vienna, Austria image/svg+xml

1996-01-01 – 1999-01-01 #

Orac Publishers

Lexis-Nexis, previous Orac Publishers

Digital Production Lead LexisNexis, previous Orac Publishing

Abstract Setting up the digital subdivision and developing products for digital publishing.

Vienna, Austria image/svg+xml

Certificates #

2019 – Logical Thinking Process / Theory of Constraints #

Weeklong course to get into the Theory of Constraints and the Logical Thinking Process, provided by Bill Dettmer.

Marris Consulting

Logical Thinking Process Practitioner Marris Consulting

2009 – OMG Certified Expert in Business Process Modeling (OCEB) #


Certified Expert for Business Process Modeling OMG

2010 – St. Galler Strategie Zertifikat #


CAS Strategic Management Hochschule St. Gallen

2010 – Project Management Professional #


Project Management Professional Project Management Institute

2010 – ITIL-Service Management #


Foundation in ITIL-Service Management ITIL Foundation

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